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            Most Demented of 2006
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Most Demented of 2006

To all horror movie fans and the horror movies curious Georges too!

Which horror movie from this year seemed to possess your soul and left your mind all entangled? Well, these next ten horror movies twisted my world just enough that I could not go on without sharing my findings.


1) Silent Hill: A mother's journey in the realms of hell to find her adoptive daughter. Starring Radha Mitchell in this movie adaptation of the video game, she plays the role so beautifully, she had to be in shape because she was constantly on the run.


2) An American Haunting: This movie is based on a real life issue that most of us try to keep neatly under wraps. It portrays a family not so different from yours and mine that has a deep rooted secret that even the victim herself try to remove from her memory but sometimes we have to save ourselves from "ourselves".


3) Hostel: When I first saw this movie I felt so damn good, you know why because the villain got what he deserved at the end. I mean you think you are backpacking through Europe to experience the greatest things Europe has to offer especially the women but to only find yourself trap in a Hostel where you are the main event literally.


 4) The Hills have eyes: Literally the hills have eyes, there are deformed, deranged canniballistic survivors of a bio hazard accident that will hunt you down, rape your women, and tow your truck in the middle of nowhere. It's a good watch.


5) Black Christmas: In the same spirit of sororities, this remake of the 1974 movie is set in a sorority house also. Just like the title suggest, these sorority girls will have a black christmas filled with ten times more bloodshed, and mayhem than were in the original movie.

Black Christmas (Unrated Widescreen Edition) 

6) The Covenant: Who does not like cute guys with abdolicious physique playing with magic. So you gotta understand why this movie had to make my list. Watch for yourself and you'll see why. If Steven Strait don't catch your eye, there are plenty more hunks in that cast to keep your head turning.


7) The Illusionist: Not really a scary movie, but it had enough tricks to scare me silly. It was a very profound movie, very dark, and very intriguing, I am sure you'll like if you're a fan of deep dark tales.

8) Stay Alive: A video game gone deadly. This movie displayed some of my most distorted thoughts about video games. I mean what if you were actually playing a game to survive, if you die in the game, guess what!? You're dead in reality as well. That's some sick stuff to come up with. Hope you don't get shocked easily because I used to think of that sick s**t and when it was brought on screen, I was amazed to see that someone else think exactly like me. Wicked huh?

9) The Grudge II: It's bloody scary, I mean, it's a remake and a sequel so I pretty much know what to expect but I still found myself jumping off my seat, picking through my fingers, and sitting on some random dude's lap in the theater. Yes, this movie did all of these things to me. I was even scared to drive home that night.




10) Saw II: I am not a fan of sequels but this one was needed to tie up some loose ends in the first one. I mean I needed to know so much more about John, this mastermind who held people against their will to teach them a lesson about life and death, and how they are to cherish the former one if they get out alive from jigsaw's deadly grip. Yes, Saw II gave me some answers, but guess what? It also raised more questions again to solve.



Share your thoughts with us, let us know what horror movie twisted your world in 2006!

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