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Most Disturbing of 2007


The scariest movies of 2007 were movies that kept all of us on the edges of our seats. My top ten for the year 2007 have varied as I watched other materials (yes The Number 23) that were worthy of being a part of the genre as they delivered the gore, the bloodshed, the mayhem, and the fuck with the mind tricks!








The Mist: As a faithful Stephen King reader, I knew what to expect, and I always think that the books are better than the movies, but this one was clearly a great masterpiece, it was beautifully made as the director tried his best to keep the suspense filled atmosphere as untouched as it was in the book. It also delivered the one of a kind grotesque creatures from the Stephen King's scary closet of monsters. This movie is a great thriller, I enjoyed it very much. The Mist did something else to the genre, it unveils one of the most twisted endings ever in the horror movie genre. I was confused and left in pieces but I knew it had to end like this or I would have felt ripped off.





Dead Silence: You scream you die, is basically the scare of this thriller, this ventriloquist will try her best to scare the jeepers creepers out of you, it’s your best bet to keep from screaming because if you do, she’s got you…you become the newest addition to her dummy collections. Dead Silence is one of the creepiest movies of this year and I have the feeling that there will be a numero dos.







1408: This movie is not as suspenseful as the book was but it brought out all the elements of a perfect scare. I especially liked this line when John Cusack's character was stuck in the hotel room, bound to relive the sordid hour over if he does not end his own life… and the phone rang, a female voice was at the other end and said: ”In our hotel we believe in free will, or you can choose to use our express checkout…” and they showed us a rope hanging from the ceiling with the loop already made and a chair underneath it, that was so freakishly disturbing! I just adore the demented mind of Stephen King!






Hostel Part II: Just like the prequel, it’s grotesquely scary, you will be both satisfied you went to see this movie and astonished. You know who you are, you know you got those discerning thoughts running through your mind from time to time especially when you sat there in the movie theater watching all the little details and the tools those butchers used to decapitate each victims or in your case each subjects. Note to self: stay away from Hostels in Foreign Countries especially European Countries unless you know for a fact you are not worth half a penny to be killed for, you know that you will be more of a dissatisfaction than pleasure to get tortured for fun.






The Messengers: A family of four moved into a Country side house, that required minor repairs to be done. Little did they know there was more to the house that meets the eyes. The family who used to live in the house got murdered and some of the townspeople believed otherwise. They thought that The Messengers picked up and left one day. After the new family welcome a complete stranger into their home, in order to help out with the farm for harvest season, they start to truly feel the wrath of the underworld that was setting up house in their basement.




Halloween: Following the Halloween tradition this last addition to the horrifying tale of Mike Myers, the misunderstood child, is very unsettling just like the others. In this remake directed by Rob Zombie, they show you the harsh reality that Mike as a kid had to face. A selfish, slutty older sister, a good for nothing guy living with his mother, a mother who has no time in her hands to give her ten year old boy the attention he needs because she's the money maker in the family. What a boy got to do, to get some affection? Pretty much, become bipolar.  Halloween is bound to keep you entertained from start to finish. Halloween fans, you will get your money’s worth.





The Reaping: This movie was not as original as I would want it to be, as I felt I was embarqing into another anti-Christ/religion/cult movie (Prophecy). But it delivered some great scares, and I found myself jumpy throughout some parts of the movie. I did not like that little girl pissing blood or better yet having her period throughout half of the movie, it was creepy. She was creepy and scary, but I started to sympathize with her once I found out the real story behind her predicament. This movie was worthwhile as it did not leave us with a typical happy ending and maybe room for a sequel!






28 Weeks later: In the same spirit as the prequel, this zombie thriller is even more puzzling and terrifying than the others, it actually has a plot that will make you tear a little. If you are looking for gory flesh eating zombies this will make up for it. And if you are looking for flesh eating zombies that are actually gut wrenching scary, watch this movie!








The Number 23: Anything that has the number three in it or the number six is supposed to be scary in my book. This movie did deliver the paranoia and the demented…I never thought Jim Carey could play a character like this since I always expect him to be the funny guy but he played the dark part successfully. The movie revolves around the title significantly. We all have some obsessions, some of us obsesses over the little things in life, numbers, and so does Jim in this thriller. I loved it, check out the extras on the DVD, it's very informative and entertaining!






Grindhouse: Not everyone likes these kind of dark horror comedies, but I do, I crave them. On top of that, I love Quentin Tarantino, everything he does is great in my book, as a result, I just could not keep away. I enjoyed the faux commercials the most, I loved the idea of the femme fatale with a M4 Carbine for a leg. Both stories were action-packed, demented and brilliantly put together. I don't know why some people are hating on Death Proof and others are hating on Planet Terror. Maybe it's because of the vapid dialogues in some scene but I sincerely think this double feature film was a fun experience to watch as it kept me on the verge of pissing my underpants from laughing too hard.






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