October 26, 2011 @ 11:50 PM



Once upon a time in Halloweentown, a gorgeous little boy named Jersamy Sans-Petit spent his slumbers in a cage as he turned into a beast every single night of his existence. His family felt wrong about having a son caged up on a nightly basis but it beats getting the whole town out to get them for the killings which could be perpetrated by their spawn if freed. Jersamy's parents were at a lost, they acted like they couldn't understand why their son turned into a deadly creature at night fall, they wanted him to have a normal upbringing but who are they kidding? They both had made inadvertently a deal with the devil since they could not have children. They had tried everything in the modern book of reproduction, they could have adopted but they were bent on having a kid of their own, with their genes and their likeness. Oneday out of the blue, an old unimpressionable frail man came knocking on their door asking for a glass of water. The Sans-Petits let him in and in southern style hospitality, they gave him water and made him feel comfy in their homes. The old man was no old man, he disguised as such so no one will feel threatened by him and he can pursue unsuspectedly his ultimate goal. He makes small conversation and lure the Sans-Petits into keeping their barriers down with his humorous and friendly persona as they chitchat about everything and anything even their vulnerable state of being sterile. Then Mrs Sans-Petit make the statement "I don't know what I wouldn't do to have a child right now, to be able to conceive a beautiful baby boy". And to the old man most anticipated delight, he replied enthusiastically and well-intentioned "just say you can conceive and you will, just say these three words...'fils pour moi'". They are so caught up, or more so spellbound in the conversation that they repeat these words without any hesitation. Suddenly, the old man changes his form into the devil, and laughs a loud thunderous evil laughter a la Vincent Price, as he dissapears in smokes he says "your wish is my command". That very same day, the Sans-Petit family found out they were expecting a baby but they grew ever so feverish at the reminder that this baby may never be normal but who cares about being normal, this was going to be their offspring, their baby...forever. Since he will technically never be allowed to leave the crib.