October 20, 2011 @ 6:47 PM


PumpkinHead (1988)

Why: This story follows an anguish father named Ed Harley whose kid was accidentally killed by a group of teenagers. Ed Harley is so overwhelmed with grief over his son untimely death that he feels compelled to get retribution. Some people would take matters in their own hands and kill off these invalids a la Urban Legend. Instead this father, played by Lance Henriksen, meets up with a witch to conjure up an entity in order to exact his son's demise on these careless teenagers. Like most people my age, this film gained a soft spot in me since the very first time I saw it, I hope it does the same to you. The storyline may sound like it got ripped off and to think of it "I know what you did last summer" kinda fit the bill but this film is the original version and the delivery is raw, dark and makes no apologies. 

Tagline: "For each of man's evils a special demon exists"

Actors: Lance Henriksen

Director: Stan Winston

Gothic and Spooky+++***: Hell yeah!