March 13, 2015 @ 2:52 AM

We want to keep our classics (any great horror movie within the last 10 decades qualifies) alive while guiding your appetite for horror on every Friday the 13th, with the three levels of horror (Horror-Comedy, Slasher and Supernatural). We do not want to have to shove it dry down your throat or down any hole a la Ganglions' Dark Skies, so we simply request that you have a cold one nearby when watching the handpicked classic, cult, darn horrific films recommended every Friday the 13th for a mass movie night. Each year is different, so do check our calendar for the upcoming epic Fridays, by clicking Calendar and checking the months with a Friday the 13th. Stay tuned and be sure to spread it.


Have a nightly taste at Flashback Friday 13 every Friday the 13th TBHMMANIACS and let's make it epic!