July 3, 2018 @ 1:33 PM

Title: Mad Dogs (S1,E1)


This show is a ten episode one season crime, drugs, sex and questionable friendships infested storyline. The narratives for each of the five friends are as compelling as their personalities. They each bring something strangely beautiful to the screen. Sex appeal and complex personalities. Yes five middle aged men from Chicago no less. They are childhood friends who grew up to lead very distant and different lives. Joel, Lex, Cobi and Gus are invited by their friend Milo, played by Billy Zane, to his retirement weekend adventure in his palatial abode in Belize. Who would pass this up? Belize? Exotic tropical island in Central America. Well, not them as they all showed up and went through hell and back to get out of beautiful yet smothering Belize. I stumbled upon the series one Friday night and finished episode 10 the following night on Saint Patty's day.  What can I say? I was glued to my chair, the show was so captivating and addictive that I had to know what would become of them. I was invested in the characters, the plot and the location. As a result, I highly recommend this show as it is not pure horror but deals closely with subthemes of the supernatural and gore.

Nevertheless, there were so many WTF moments in the first episode alone that I had to add some on here. Please see below...

The most WTF moment in the first episode is: 

Milo is shot dead by a midget wearing a cat mask while dropping the truth bomb on all of his friends!