February 16, 2019 @ 9:19 PM

Title: Summer of 84 (2018)

"Every serial killer lives next door to someone"


The movie started out with Davey narrating the story of the Cape May Slayer and emphasizing on the notion that a serial killer always lives next door to someone. Davey has three friends that he coerces into helping him to gather "evidence" on his neighbor Mackey, the cherished police officer of his hometown. We learn that the Cape May Slayer is responsible for 13 deaths and Davey, the son of the journalist that covered the story, is certain that Mackey is the slayer disguising himself as the reliable and friendly neighbor in their suburban community. The cinematography was well captured as you would feel that you have traveled back in time, 1984 to be exact. Summer of 84 was fluid and contained all of the hallmark of a 80's movie: 80's music? check; hottie spending unnervingly a lot of time with a nerd? check; band of nerds? check; PG rated voyeurism? check; band of nerds riding bicycles? double check; 80's game? check; super hot neighbor? check, check; psycho killer? double check. This movie had a variety of WTF moments for instance, the basement full of "souvenirs", the "bathtub", the "family" pictures all over the house etc...but the one handpicked for you today is the ending. Beware kids get snatched outside!


Oh no...kids played outside (manhunt) in the 80's...


"Hottie splurging her affection on a nerd...no way"


"Handsome car" 


 "Your friendly Neighborhood Watch"


 "Your neighborly police officer"


The Ending: Once the Cape May Slayer is revealed, the whole town is on the lookout for him but this serial killer hid in the least suspected place possible, Davey's attic. He snatches Davey and Woody from Davey's bedroom right under the nose of Davey's parents. The killer flips the script on Davey; he places him and Woody in his cadaver disposal lair. He slits Woody's throat after several failed attempts to escape this psychopath's grip but he spares Davey. This calculated murderer poisons Davey's mind by mentally paralyzing him with paranoia of his imminent return someday. So Davey has to live with not only Woody's death on his conscience but also constantly watching his back.